Lipolysis Injections – Treatments and General Outcomes


Lipolysis injections are best suited for people who have small areas of stubborn fat and the best areas for treatment include the abdomen, hips, waist, chin, and arms.


Fat collections in some areas of the body are harder to get rid of and even when the patient follows a healthy diet and exercise regime, the stubborn fat may dissolve slowly. With lipolysis injections the process is accelerated allowing for faster fat removal without any invasive procedures. The treatment is not meant to replace healthy eating and exercising, but can be used as an aid in fat loss.


The patient loses centimetres rather than weight and the treatment is not suitable for heavily overweight people. In effect, it helps to tone the body by breaking up the walls of fat cells. Once the walls are broken down, fat is released and removed from the body through the normal body metabolism. Movement and intake of water will help speed up results.


Who Shouldn’t Get the Treatment?


A natural fat dissolving substance with a good safety profile is injected to dissolve the fat cell walls. However, treatment is not recommended for children, teenagers, pregnant or breastfeeding patients and people with specific medical conditions.


Treatment Period


A typical treatment regime spans over six weeks of one injection per treatment area a week. The best results are only visible after the fourth or fifth treatment. The number of sessions required depends on the patient profile which includes size, weight, area to be treated and the patient’s cooperation in following a healthy lifestyle.


Treatment Procedure


The skin is disinfected and the specific area to be treated is injected. There is no need for an anaesthetic and though a little redness or swelling may be experienced at injection sites, such will reside within a few hours. The treatment can be provided over lunch hour and the patient can return to their normal activities immediately after.


Expected Outcome


It is imperative to note that immediate results should not be expected as the best results may only be visible even up to two months later. The treated area will become firmer over time and with the lipolysis injections promoting blood circulation, the patient’s cholesterol level may also drop. Patients can lose anything from 2 to 4 cm with such treatments. The results can be permanent if the patient drinks enough water, eats healthy foods, and partakes in physical activities.




Almost no aftercare is required, but it is important to note that around 10-15% of patients only experience limited success while the majority experience visible fat reduction.


Larger Fat Deposits


The treatment is not suited for large area fat removal. For such, laser lipolysis and other methods are recommended.


Why offer the Service?


People often become discouraged when their training regimes and eating plans don’t work fast enough. By providing a faster method to get rid of the stubborn fat pockets, it is possible to boost patient confidence as part of a healthy weight loss plan.


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