A Basic Botox Course Could Kick-Start a Medical Aesthetics Practice


While it is not true of all countries, the regulations that govern the practice of medical aesthetics in South Africa are well defined and, in many cases, the procedures that are undertaken daily at the various spas and clinics around the country may only be performed by a doctor or some other suitably-qualified, healthcare professional. For most treatments, and particularly in the case of invasive procedures such as the injection of Botox and fillers, attending a basic course of training is also seen as a mandatory requirement, even for medical doctors.


That said, these treatments are used to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles that tend to make their appearance with the advancing years and, as such, the demand for them has grown to the point where they have now become the most sought-after aesthetic procedures in the history of this branch of elective medicine. Based on this reasoning, knowledge of these same procedures and how to perform them can provide a qualified doctor with a relatively simple entry path to a new and lucrative career in aesthetic medicine, and requires only that they gain some initial hands-on experience, which they can achieve by simply attending a suitable, basic Botox course.


What, then, might an attendee reasonably expect from this type of training and what form should it take? Given that doctors are already well-acquainted with human anatomy and physiology, it is pretty clear that the bulk of their instruction should focus on the procedures, so most of the time needs to be spent on practical exercises. However, among the things that are not taught at medical school is the psychology associated with the process of aging and the underlying desire for beauty. Other theoretical components of the course will need to cover the local anatomical features in relation to the selection of injection sites, along with the various techniques of injections and where to apply them. Equally important, of course, are the ethical and medico-legal considerations as applied to the marketing of these services.


Given that doctors are busy people, a basic Botox course should ideally be completed within a day. However, to do so will require those attending to undertake some prescribed self-study prior to attending the course, in order for the majority of the time available to be devoted to practice, rather than spent on the theoretical aspects. For each learner to gain sufficient skills in the time available, it is essential that he or she receives adequate one-on-one interaction with the instructor. For this reason, keeping classes as small as possible is extremely important. For much the same reason, it is equally essential to ensure that the instructor has the extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills accumulated through years of experience of these procedures.


For those in Gauteng, the Medskills Training Academy offers training in a wide range of medical aesthetic procedures, including a basic Botox course, from our well-appointed premises in Pretoria. Attendees can look forward to expert instruction from established leaders in their fields and, given that our classes are limited to a maximum of just 5 doctors, there will be plenty of time for the personal attention that could herald a brand new career in aesthetic medicine.