Medical aesthetics has become the receptacle for all the modalities not normally covered in general medicine.

We are an independent training entity and we aim to offer medical professionals the best value for money with theoretical and practical training presented to small groups. We believe aesthetics is much more than fixing flaws; it enhances overall beauty with techniques, equipment, and medicine we have available.

To reach your patient’s ideal beauty goals, we teach you to focus on shape, proportion, focal points, and light reflections and creating the aesthetic ideal.

We are a brand agnostic company training on most of the brands available in the aesthetic market.

Medical aesthetics is a fast-growing field and will soon play an integral part in general medicine and wellness.

We are affiliated with SAMA (South African Medical Association) and all our training courses are CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited.



To provide

quality practical training courses presented by professionals in each of the topics presented against the background of governing medico-ethical and regulatory guidelines applicable to the trainees.


To promote

and support the new and rapidly developing discipline of Aesthetic and Anti-ageing medicine and to interact with legislators and regulating bodies such as HPCSA regarding the roles Medical Doctors will play.


To partner

we are a brand agnostic company partnering with manufacturers of high standard equipment and products.  


Practical hands-on training with a major focus of aesthetics as an outcome.

We want to encourage medical professionals to share in our passion and develop the same deep love for aesthetics while enhancing their careers.


To remain the number one training destination for all Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing practitioners.