Medskills Training Academy is an organisation that was formed through input from various experts who are active participants in the field of Aesthetic and Anti-aging medicine.


It is medical treatments aimed at

delaying the signs and symptoms of aging

for as long as possible. It is treatments aimed at keeping mind and body ‘young’ through initially turning back the clock a few years and then maintaining youthfulness for as long as possible.


We offer theoretical and practical short courses in aspects relevant to Aesthetic and anti-aging
medicine to medical and dental practitioners.



To provide

quality practical training courses presented by experts in each of the topics presented against the background of governing medico-ethical and regulatory guidelines applicable to the trainees.


To promote

and support the new and rapidly developing discipline of Aesthetic and Anti-aging medicine and to interact with legislators and regulating bodies such as HPCSA regarding the roles Medical Doctors, Dentists, Somatologists, Beauty Therapists and support staff will play.


To partner

with relevant Pharmaceutical and Equipment manufacturers and to provide training and education upon request as long as it furthers the aim of Medskills Training Academy and complies with the current applicable medico-ethical and legal rules and regulations.


Medskills Training Academy aims to provide quality theoretical and practical training to Specialist Doctors, General Practitioners and Dentists. We offer one or two short courses to qualified therapists and support staff to the advantage of our patients.

Through quality practical courses our respected expert trainers will equip our trainees to make a success and realise their dreams to the ultimate advantage of our patients and customers.


To remain the number one training destination for all Aesthetic and Anti-Aging practitioners.

There is an urgent need for Aesthetic and Anti-aging medicine to be formulated and regulated as a “new” medical entity/discipline. HPCSA should recognize the unique position/status of this new and fast developing ‘medical’ field and medico-ethical and legal issues need to be re-looked at and re-formulated to ensure that those Medical Doctors, Dentists and Beauty Therapists active in this field do not transgress on the rules and regulations currently applicable to their professions.


We partner with reputable companies ensuring that our trainees are exposed to a variety of products and techniques.
We use quality, registered and proven product lines in our training courses.