February 2019: Dr Chris Giezing, founder and medical director of Medskills Training Academy, explains that he is of the opinion that Medskills’ training of medical professionals is of unsurpassed quality and currently provides the best possible outcomes.

Aging is a natural process and it is a fact that skin elasticity will diminish over time. Skin aging depends on many complex biological processes caused by both internal and external factors.

These factors will be discussed in the training in order to recommend the most suitable therapy for the patient. The course entails therapies for skin enhancement such as PRP, skin boosters, plasma tightening, micro-needling, combinations of different modalities, as well as tools for the best patient outcome and results. Discussions on the various therapies will be supported by demonstrations. Training for these specific treatments will take place on the morning of 8 March and 16 August.

Medskills aims to provide quality theoretical and hands-on training to specialist doctors, general practitioners and dentists on aspects relevant to aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

Medskills also offers some short courses to equip qualified therapists, somatologists, nursing professionals and support staff to serve the patients in the best possible way. Most of the short courses are Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited.

Medskills interacts with legislators and regulating bodies such as the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and it is also affiliated with the Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine Society of South Africa (AAMSSA).

You can make a lasting difference in your patients’ lives because Medskills’ training and applications ensure the ultimate confidence boost …and practice builder! The future looks bright for non-invasive procedures as the aesthetic and anti-aging industries are fast-growing industries.

Should you require more information, please contact Nicoline Roberts on 063 442 6675 or send an email to info@medskills.co.za or visit https://www.aesthetictraining.co.za/course-dates/