Dr Juanita Kilian, qualified as a pharmacist at the University of North West, South Africa, in which thereafter she earned her Master’s in Dermaceutical product development and Doctorate in Transdermal Delivery Technology at the University of London, School of Pharmacy. Juanita has engaged in the study of transdermal delivery systems and has made unique formulation discoveries, which had a profound influence on the development of the Dr K Dermal Health Care product range. 

Dr Kilian is also a researcher and author of some most acknowledged and influential educational material used and applied in over 25 countries.  

Throughout her career, Juanita has worked extensively in South Africa, Africa, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, UAE, Russia, and various parts of Europe in which during this time has been actively researching and re-educating herself with the latest skin technology and Dermaceutical chemistry information available leaving her with a passionate interest in the development of effective skincare therapies.                

Today, based in Pretoria, South Africa, Juanita is the director of CosmoPharm Product Design (Pty) Ltd a leading Dermaceutical consulting company and the founder and developer of the Dr K Dermal Health Care product line with the extensive focus on skin health and healing.