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Medskills Academy was born out of the need to provide doctors with a practical and structured program to develop their neurotoxin and filler injection skills. Although still the foundation of the curriculum, it has grown and is still evolving to include training on the full spectrum of medical aesthetic modalities for doctors and dentists.

We are proud of our reputation. Medskills has trained more than 2000 doctors over the past 4 years in a multitude of aesthetic procedures.

Due to Medical Aesthetics being a new and emerging field in medicine, no clear guidelines exist as to what the full spectrum might be. We are thus obliged to help define its exact parameters:

There are two broad categories:

  • Facial aesthetics
  • Body aesthetics

Our flagship training is our Basic Training, which includes:

  • Model of Medical Aesthetics
  • The Goal of Aesthetic Treatments
  • Psychology of Aesthetics
  • The Medical Aesthetic Toolkit
  • Neurotoxins
  • Toxin Risk and Complications
  • Fillers
  • Injection Techniques
  • Anatomy
  • Injection Aesthetic units
  • Filler Contraindications
  • Filler Risk and Complications
  • General Points
  • Practical Work: Demo and hands-on training

Medskills continue to deliver high quality practical courses in the field of aesthetic medicine. We value attendees’ feedback as this assist us to improve our approach and course content.